Thursday, May 3, 2012

L'amore Photography's 1,000+ Facebook Likes Celebration Giveaway!
(Try saying that 10 times fast)

Well, we did it! We finally passed 1,000 fans! This is one pretty awesome giveaway!
Just check out the awesome loot below. Are you as psyched as we are? 
This giveaway is worth over $250 in prizes!

I want to thank each and every one of our amazing vendors for participating in this.
They have been gems! 

So, let's dive right in. 

What you need to know is...
Due to Facebook regulations, this giveaway will not be requiring you to "like" anyones pages. But, on one hand, why wouldn't you? It's highly recommended that you show the love and head to vendors 
Facebook pages or web-sites. After all, they donated not only their item but the hard work and time in making the item. So Please go "like" their pages. Their links will be listed below with the info on what they donated!

How this is going to work...
- So this contest will be running for one week. From today, May 3rd, to next Thursday, May 10th at midnight. 
- You are only allowed to enter once. (Any additional comments will be deleted.) 
- Only one winner will be chosen.
 - After the week is up, I will be using to select a winner from the comments on this post. 
- Winner will be announced Friday May 11th on this same blog. So come back to see if it was you!
- I will be contacting the winner after the week is up, 
to discuss getting in touch with each vendor so you can get all your loot in a timely manner.
- If you do win and end up spending more in a vendors shop then the amount they donated, 
it's up to you to pay the difference.
- You MUST leave your e-mail address to be eligible. If you do not, we have no way to contact you if you win.

Will it be you? ;-)

So, to recap, all you have to do to enter is...

Leave a comment below stating why you'd love to win along with your e-mail address!
(You will be contacted if you win through your e-mail for you physical address so you can receive your prizes)
 (One comment per person please. US residents only.)
Oh and share this giveaway with your friends!

So who is ready to see all the goodies?!


Stacey over at Hazelmoonfly has donated this super cute headband!
 (I have one myself and it's one of my favorites for newborn photography!) Winner picks size.
Go check out her shop for other adorable goodies. 

Hazelmoonfly on Etsy, click Here!
Hazelmoonfly on Facebook, click Here!

Two above photos © L'amore Photography 

Pink Apple Cache

Pink Apple has donated a $20 credit to anything in her Etsy store.
This includes custom items too! She just released some stunning wedding garters too *hint hint*       

You can visit her Facebook Here
And Etsy store Here!

Little Ella Lu

Tonia over at Little Ella Lu has donated an adorable Owl Play-mat customized 
with your child's name on it! Isn't it too cute?! 

Visit her Facebook page Here!
And her Etsy store Here!


 Huggabeans has donated this adorable newborn baby girl hat. Made with 100% cotton! 
Great for a photo prop, or if you're a new mommy or know someone who is!

HuggaBeans on Facebook, click Here!
HuggaBeans web-site, click Here!


So, these newborn wings from Tradeprops are stunning! Perfect for all you newborn photographers! 
Or all you moms who are planning on having newborn photos taken! 
I may just have to go pick myself up a pair.

Tradeprops on Facebook, click Here!
Tradeprops web-site, click Here!

CrazySocks Crochet 

CrazySocks Crochet has donated this stinkin' adorable crocheted Sam hat. 
Winner chooses size and colors. Pretty cool! 

CrazySocks on Facebook, click Here!
CrazySocks's web-site, click Here!

Prop Wise Babies

This is Prop Wise Babies' fat Braided Pixie hat. The yarn is Bamboo and is in shades of pink and green BUT if the winner would like a boy version, the yarn comes in grays and browns also. 
It's a $20.00 value!

Prop Wise Babies on Facebook, click Here!
Prop Wise Babies web-site, click Here!

Glow's Crochet Creations

Giveaway winner will receive not one but TWO crochet patterns of their choice 
from Glow's Crochet Creations! 

Glow's Crochet Creations on Facebook, click Here!
Glow's Crochet Creations on etsy, click Here!

Hoo Loves You Baby

Hoo Loves You Baby has donated one of their super-duper adorable sailor hats. 

And the winner gets to select the fabric they want! How cool is that?!

Click Here to check out Hoo's Facebook page!
Click Here to check out their etsy page!

Dana's Darling Designs

Dana has contributed this adorable crocheted orange mermaid newborn 
skirt photography prop! Too cute! 
(Please note: this contribution does NOT include the headband or any other items in these photos. They will only receive the tail.)

Go check out Dana on Facebook by clicking Here!
And to see her etsy shop, click Here!

Oh My Dear Handmade

This adorable little shop is new to the scene but doesn't lack awesomeness. 
She is some sweet headbands that I may just have to snatch up! 
She has contributed this adorable headband. Its 6 months + in size.

Go show her some love on her Facebook, by clicking Here!
To buy some of her goodies, go to her etsy shop by clicking Here!

Treasured by Holly

So, Holly is throwing in a $25 gift certificate to her shop! 
I love all her creative hats and headbands. They are beautiful. Who wouldn't want to spend $25 in her shop?!

Go browse her shop to find something you like, by clicking Here!
Go leave some love on her Facebook page, by clicking Here!

Peachy Kisses

Peachy kisses is an adorable little etsy shop with some stinkin' cute stuff! She has contributed a $12 credit to anything in her store for the winner to pick what they'd like :-) I can't wait to go shopping over there myself!

Click Here to visit Peachy Kisses' etsy store!


Tina over at Scunjeebabe has donated these adorable bunny booties! Aren't they to die for?! 
I love the bottom part :-) too cute! She is even in the UK and still wanted to participate 
and is going to ship these to the winner internationally. 
She is an official rock-star for sure!

Go check out her etsy shop by clicking Here!

Primrose and Patches

Adorable. That is all I will say :-)

Check out Primrose on Facebook by clicking Here!
Visit their etsy shop by clicking Here!

Pickle Knits

Okay, I want one of these in my size. Isn't it just so silly and adorable? Thanks Pickle Knits for participating!

Visit Pickle Knits on etsy, by clicking Here!
Visit Pickle Knits on Facebook by clicking, Here!

Posh Little Props

So check out these beautiful spring colored newborn wraps! They are so fresh and fun. Such an awesome addition for any Photographers stash or to take along to your own little ones shoot :-) and the winner gets all 7 of these!

Check out Posh on Facebook, by clicking Here!


So, now that you've seen all the goodies YOU could win, don't you want to comment below? 
You know you do. I want to too, but sadly, I can't. 

Oh and if you were curious about MY Facebook  page, click Here!

I want to personal thank each and every vendor from the bottom of my heart for being such awesome folks and contributing to my first giveaway. You are all amazing and I can't wait to browse your shops myself for some goodies. Thank you thank you thank you.


  1. WOW! This contest looks amazing! such cute stuff for babies and little girls! Would love to win it and a shout out to my sister at Pink Apple Cache :)

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    1. Hey there! I noticed that you didn't leave an e-mail address. In order to win this giveaway you must leave an e-mail address to be contacted through. You can go and re-comment if you like or just add it below in a responding comment :-) Good luck!

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    1. Hey there! I noticed that you didn't leave an e-mail address. In order to win this giveaway you must leave an e-mail address to be contacted through. You can go and re-comment if you like or just add it below in a responding comment :-) Good luck!

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  9. I would love to win any of those for my baby that will be born in October.

    1. Hey there! I noticed that you didn't leave an e-mail address. In order to win this giveaway you must leave an e-mail address to be contacted through. You can go and re-comment if you like or just add it below in a responding comment :-) Good luck!

  10. I would love to win this because there are so many beautiful items that would make great props to use photographing newborns:) This would be so AMAZING to win!
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    I would love to win. A friend to me about these wonderful items you can win. So I started do it.
    I just made a in home studio and they would be an asset to my business. I really like the mermaid--too cute.

    Thanks to many talented people!

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  44. I would like to win because I know many people who are having babies soon and these would make great gifts to them. I am trying for my own child, just haven't been lucky yet. A good friend of mine also has some beautiful twins that could benefit from some of this stuff. This is an amazing giveaway :)

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